Welcome to

Lahore Business School

Since its establishment in 1999, LBS has achieved impressive milestones by producing accomplished professionals who have made a best fit with public and corporate world in a highly professional manner. We, at LBS, believe in applied learning experience and development of hands-on problem solving skills, which makes our degree programs challenging, interesting, and rewarding.

LBS has state-of-the art library with more than 16000 books and a sizable quantity of research journals. In addition, we have access to the best on-line research portals to help our students in their research endeavors.


All degrees at LBS are accredited by National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC). LBS has the strength of over 1500 students in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate business and research programs. We have professional and highly qualified faculty with academic and industrial experience. We are committed to academic excellence in transforming the business education and preparing our students to briskly fit into a variety of emerging leadership roles with a knack to tackle critical issues that intrigue the management arena in the contemporary business world.

Message of Pro-Rector Social Sciences

“Since the beginning of The Lahore Business School, we have embarked on implementing a vision for the school that will have substantial influence future students, faculty, and alumni. I expect that collective impact will grow with times to come. Most people around the globe either work in or have their lives influenced by managed organizations. Yet, there remains a crucial dearth of managerial leadership. As a business school, we have never taken for granted our leadership in management education, rather have tried to incorporate the opportunity to constant transformation. In a word, we have taken our exclusive strengths to heart and directed them in novel ways to bring our mission to life.”

Message of Dean Faculty of Management Sciences

“I am pleased to share that despite many challenging times; we continue to give back with our time, expertise, and financial commitment toward our shared vision. We are preparing our students with both expertise and self-knowledge to leadership transformation for the development throughout their careers. Our programs are rooted in business context and emphasize out-of-the-classroom experiences such as internships, joining industry, opting for scholarships, choosing to become entrepreneurs and consulting projects that strengthen classroom learning and provide career success at the completion of studies.”

Message of Head - Lahore Business School

“In the 21st century, business studies are becoming extremely complex and have become increasingly entangled. Our prospect students need to be armed with diverse knowledge and skills to encounter those challenges. At the same time, they need to develop a global approach to be able to work fruitfully in the fast-changing world. Being part of an inclusive university, our School can offer its students a broad-based education so they can be well prepared for the challenges after they graduate. We will ensure that our programs are innovative and counter constantly to the ever-changing requirements of the society, and strive to provide a top-notch learning environment and inspiring educational experience for all students”.