University of Lahore

Admission Criteria

Postgraduate Diploma in

Business Administration

The diploma in business administration offers an opportunity for working executives to improve their professional qualification. The PG Diploma is designed to develop business administration skills and will help students to understand the functions and challenges faced by an organization. The program will cover theoretical aspects of business administration as well as focus on practical applications in real world business environment. The courses will cover lectures, case studies and situational problem-solving associated with organizations.



BS / BA / B.Com. / BCS or equivalent degree from a chartered university/college with a minimum of 2nd Division, or GCE A-Levels with at least 3 subjects and equivalence letter.

Why this


The PG Diploma offers opportunity for professional and career development for working executives. The career prospects, for executives with non-business education background, become quite attractive with the PG Diploma. Executives with diploma have better management and business administration skills and bright employment opportunities in banking, service and manufacturing sectors

Courses Offered

Sr# Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Introduction to Management
2 Business Maths & Stats
3 Business  Accounting
4 Computer Applications
5 Business Economics
  Total Credit Hours of Semester 1  15
Sr# Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Business Finance 3
2 Principles of Marketing 3
3 Business Law & Taxation 3
4 Human Resource Management 3
5 Operations Management      3

Total Credit Hours of Semester 2
   Total Credit Hours of PGD 30