S.No Title Type Year Name Group-Name
1 Street vendors and their business places: an exploratory study in Lahore Conference 2011 Faisal Qadeer
2 Product market characteristics and firm characteristics: some evidences from Pakistan Conference 2014 Faisal Qadeer
3 Individual innovative behaviour: interplay of reputation, job requirement and expected positive performance outcomes Conference 2015 Faisal Qadeer
4 An analysis of the relationship between total quality management and organizational performance Conference 2012 Faisal Qadeer
5 Organization learning as a mediating mechanism between TQM and organizational performance: a review and directions Conference 2012 Faisal Qadeer
6 A highly job embedded employee is less likely to leave: Evidence from the Higher Education sector Conference 2011 Faisal Qadeer
7 Academic backwardness of South Asian countries: An analysis based on Journal Citation Report 2010 Conference 2012 Faisal Qadeer
8 An empirical comparison of HRM patterns between public and private sector higher education institutes of Punjab Conference 2009 Faisal Qadeer
9 Integration and devolvement under strategic HRM: literature review”, Fifth International Conference on Statistical Sciences Conference 2009 Faisal Qadeer
10 Predicting integration and devolvement of human resource management in higher education institutes Conference 2008 Faisal Qadeer
11 Strategic integration and devolvement of HRM in public and private chartered institutes of Pakistan Conference 2008 Faisal Qadeer
12 Impact of job embeddedness on leave intention: an understanding from HE system Journal 2011 Faisal Qadeer
13 Does ownership of higher education institute influence its HRM Patterns? The case of Pakistan Journal 2011 Faisal Qadeer
14 An overview of HR-line relationship and its future directions Journal 2011 Faisal Qadeer
15 Contribution of Pakistan Journal of Statistics in ‘Statistics and Probability’ literature-An analysis based on the Journal Citation Report (2010) Journal 2012 Faisal Qadeer
16 Measuring HR-line relationship quality: a proposed construct and its validation Journal 2012 Faisal Qadeer
17 A note on the impact factor journals of ‘Statistics and Probability’ Journal 2013 Faisal Qadeer
18 Relationship between TQM Dimensions and Organizational Performance Journal 2014 Faisal Qadeer
19 Mediation of psychological capital between organizational climate and organizational citizenship behavior Journal 2014 Faisal Qadeer
20 Core self-evaluation and job performance: the role of anticipated guilt and gratitude Journal 2014 Faisal Qadeer
21 HR practices and employee performance relationship in higher education: mediating role of job embeddedness, perceived organizational support and trust Journal 2015 Faisal Qadeer
22 Disease severity, quality of life, and psychiatric morbidity in patients with psoriasis with reference to socio-demographic, lifestyle, and clinical variables Journal 2015 Faisal Qadeer
23 Impact of perceptions of organizational politics on employees’ job outcomes: the moderating role of self-efficacy and personal political skills Journal 2015 Faisal Qadeer
24 The role of organizational learning in understanding relationship between total quality management and organizational performance Journal 2015 Faisal Qadeer

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