Research and Development

LBS Research Cell, under the promising leadership of Dr Faisal Qadeer, strives to achieve research mission.

Research Mission

“We are committed to achieve global recognition in management research by providing excellent set of cohesive research facilities addressing national and regional contemporary management issues to augment existing knowledge, facilitate teaching, improve professional practice and develop esteemed researchers.”

Principles Underlying Research

The LBS research is based on the following principles of:
•   Rigor
•   Applicability
•   Objectivity
•   Generalizability
•   Parsimony

Brief explanation of terms:          


Good theoretical base and sound methodological design


Practical relevance to industry; actionable solution(s) for Industry


Based on facts and findings derived from actual data


Applicable to other settings


Simplicity in explanations

SAMR strives to engage the academicians and practitioners from local and international fraternity having special interest in Asian Context. The main focus of the society relates to research issues within the disciplines of Business and Management.

The broad objectives of SAMR are:

•   To improve the quality and quantity of research, its promotion, and dissemination
•   To arrange annual research conference on emerging themes as per international standards
•   To launch a Business Management Journal with an intent to achieve high impact factor for local and regional researchers to publish their research
•   To conduct research training and workshops on periodic basis
•   To link academia with industry and enhance community engagement


University of Lahore