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Seminar on 'Entrepreneurship Vs Employability'

Web Sketchers is a leading digital media marketing company, offering cutting-edge innovative multimedia advertising and marketing services. He is also the General Secretary of the Digital Rights Foundation.

Mr. Rizvi is an MBA from Lahore School of Economics and associated with the digital marketing industry for more than a decade. He is a multidimensional professional whose hands-on style of leadership adds significant value to brands and businesses.

Mr. Rizvi believes that there’s a lot of talk about employability in the recruitment community as competition for jobs in all sectors intensifies. But what does it mean? Employability is not the same as subject knowledge, qualifications or specialist experience. A brilliant first degree, a PhD and a list of published papers on your CV may not be enough to secure a position. You have to be aware of what employers are looking for in any employee. And you have to demonstrate that you are employable as a person, a team member and as a contributing member of the employer organization.

Similarly Entrepreneurship is one of the most talked of topics of the century. A wide body of literature has accumulated which mainly discusses entrepreneurial traits and the value of entrepreneurship. Many times people believe that entrepreneurship is better than employment without giving it much thought. However, entrepreneurship is not a piece of cake and neither everyone’s curry. If it has a bright side, there are also major tussles associated with entrepreneurship which the average employee generally does not face. An employee comparatively feels securer in his job while the entire onus of success or failure remains on the shoulders of an entrepreneur. There are other several challenges too associated with entrepreneurship that one must consider before trying to launch his career on this path.

Mr. Rizvi discussed difficulties and possibilities for entrepreneurs and the people taking jobs as well. He said that:

 There are lesser and lesser number of jobs in the market thus it is high time to take risk as long as it’s what you actually want, instead of a safe sounding job your personal business would always make your canvas bigger and brighter”.

An interactive question answer session was held during the session as well. Director CSCL also extended his help in counselling the students while promising them a one-on-one session for career counselling and profile building. At the end of the event, LBS’ student Mr. Monjed Shareef presented a souvenir to Mr. Rizvi.


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