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Seminar on 'Supply Chain Management in Fashion and Apparel Industry'

Mr. Chughtai highlighted that in fashion and textile business, the demand changes rapidly due to fashion trends and a volatile market situation. He said that:

 “This demand is unpredictable and could vary and change completely in a short time, creating high difficulties for supply chain. To create a leagil (lean and agile) supply chain is one observed way for a fashion and textile retailing company to optimize its performance and to remain competitive”. 

He further explained that social media has brought upon many changes in consumer behavior, and among these is the need for immediacy. In order to adapt an increasingly demanding consumer, more and more brands are taking on the ‘See now, buy now’ strategy, as shoppers are used to adopting new trends almost as soon as they come out. Fast Fashion companies have also contributed to this change in the consumer buying cycle and many companies are now adjusting their strategies to keep up with competition and increase profits.

At the end of the session Program Manager Ms. Maliha Barry and Cluster Head Ms. Sayda Uzma Tahira also shared their views about the topic. They emphasized that such seminars will be instrumental to bridge the gap between industry and academia developing a liaison with industry individuals for enhancing practical knowledge and employability of students.

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