University of Lahore

3rd All Pak Competition
The University of Lahore 1 - KM Defence Road, Lahore

THE LBIETS SOCIETY is back with a bang. Yes we are back with 3rd ALL PAK COMPETITION of UOL. With three of the biggest competitions related to business field.

1) Idea Junction

2) AD-Making Competition

3) Product Selling.

 Idea Junction

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur/businessman? Have an idea that can change the world? Then this is it! This is the platform to be a part of! Idea Junction is our flagship event where you get to fine-tune your business ideas. 

Product Selling

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. The marketing world is evolving. If you can’t stay on top of the latest skills in the market, how can you expect to be successful? Your audience is constantly being bombarded with ads, messages, distractions and a whole lot more. You need the skills that will allow you to create marketing strategies that let your content stand out in a crowd.

AD-Making Competition

Bring out the creativity inside you and make an outstanding advertisement of your own. Be it hilarious or sensitive, be it just your creativity and ad sense.

The event was organized on 11-December-2018. Different universities took part in this All Pak Competition including teams from UOL, COMSATS , UMT , UCL , FC and BNU etc.


For Idea junction UOL won the 1st price.

Ad-Making winner was UCP.

Product Selling winner was UOL.

In this big event, special thanks to DR. SHAHID A. ZIA for giving us his precious time as our Special Guest.



























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