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Visit to SIR Engineering Enterprises (Pvt. Ltd.)
The company offers highest quality auto-parts of motorbikes as end products to its business customers, while it also strives to be the leader in the industry. The company plans to expand its operations beyond the national borders, meantime, the company is focused on building its human resource capacity. The company’s experience human resources have considerable experience of developing and implementing effective quality control processes and structures in a manufacturing and corporate environment. They possess good understanding of the essentials of safety and quality. 

The company accomplishes strong customer service experience, support from levels of management, working to set schedules and deadlines. The Director of the company named Mr. Rizwan Saleem, Production Manager named Mr. Zeeshan Javed and Operations Manager Mr. Faisal Rehman elaborated upon the major operations strategies, SIR Engineering Enterprises is using. He proved to be the cornerstone for proving all the key details regarding company’s operations in detail

  • Visit to SIR Engineering Enterprises (Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Visit to SIR Engineering Enterprises (Pvt. Ltd.)
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