Doctor of Philosophy in Management Sciences (Ph.D)

University of Lahore

LBS PhD in Management program concentrates on defining and preparing professionals for management thinking. The research of degree focuses on developing skills and resourcefulness to generate concepts and ideas for new and emerging challenges. The research degree offers outstanding students an opportunity to make a significant and lasting contribution to the field of management research. The program is challenging and opens the door to intellectual fulfillment and exciting career opportunities in research and teaching. PhD students are expected to meet the challenges of research and will work directly with distinguished faculty members, and become part of a vibrant, academic community that is committed to creating new business management knowledge. Doctoral students will be engaged in serious research with faculty after completion of course work and will be required to publish articles in approved academic journals. The research degrees require course work of 21 credit hours, followed by comprehensive examination. He first year will be devoted to course work, presented in the form of a series of weekly seminars. On successful completion of comprehensive exam after year one, candidates will be allowed to submit research proposals for thesis. Doctoral candidates will be required to publish at least two research papers in an HEC approved journal.



Our Doctoral program aims to produce world recognized scholars capable of creating original and remarkable contributions in management theory and knowledge by providing benchmark learning and research opportunities of global standards to deepen understanding of management and improve professionals practice.



MBA 3.5 years with thesis , M. Phil / MS degree or 18 years of education in business with thesis in administration/management sciences from a chartered university with a minimum of 1st division or 3.0 CGPA

Why this


PhD in Management is focused on developing research skills as well as in depth knowledge and practice in the management field. The focus of PhD program is on fundamental and applied research in management and organizations. Participants will be educated in academic, writing skills, literature review, methodology and scientific theories. PhD education research are aimed at providing an innovative contribution to changing an organizational responsibilities in the emerging economic environment. For admission in PhD program. Applicants are also required to appear in LBS admission test for admission in PhD program.

Courses Offered

Semester 1
Sr # Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Philosophy of Management
2 Advanced Research Methodology 
3 Contemporary Methods in Data Analysis


Semester 2

Sr # Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Elective - I 3
2 Elective - II 3
3 Elective – III


Semester 3 To Semester 4

Sr # Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Thesis

     Total Credit Hours:   48

Offered at Campuses
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Full Time, 3-Years Evening

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