Master of Science in Management Sciences (MS)

University of Lahore

The MS program is focused to develop the intellectual ability of Management professionals and graduates through comprehension of the academic body of knowledge in the field of Management Sciences with specializations in Human Resource Management, Marketing and Finance.

The Program has been designed on weekends especially keeping in view the needs and requirements of future senior managers and executives. It is widely recognized as the most appropriate educational qualification not only for the executives but also for fresh graduates who have just completed their 16 years of education. The Lahore Business School aligned with its vision, is aimed at providing a program which is both rigorously rich, focused on current challenges of research not only in academics but focusing on core issues of industry, commerce and public service, which Management Sciences graduates tend to enter. The flexible schedule of classes on Saturday and Sunday provides a wonderful opportunity to those professionals who have an urge to excel in their mid-careers along with their busy schedules. The program can also help candidates evaluate their aptitude, strengths and weaknesses for their candidacy in PhD programs.

MS Management Sciences-1.5 Specialization:
• Marketing
• Finance
• Human Resource management



Our MS program strives to enable potential of students transforming them into business leaders, having entrepreneurial outlook with strong value system capable to change and improve modern organizations, by providing integrated set of learning opportunities in an innovative environment for larger gain of society and the economy.



Applicants with a minimum CGPA 2.50 or 2nd division in 4 year BBA / B.Com or BBS or  equivalent business studies or commerce degree from HEC recognized university / college.

Why this


The MS Management Sciences is one of the most sought after qualification in the industry.  Professionals in the field of engineering, science, arts, commerce, doctors aspire for this qualification. MS is widely recognized qualification in management and business, and will help you launch a successful career. MS is designed to equip students with managerial and leadership skills, and enhance the skills required by business firms. MS graduates are generally required by organizations for entry-level as well middle management positions in finance, human resource management and marketing departments.

Courses Offered

Semester 1
Sr # Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Core I 3
2 Core II 3
3 Elective I
4 Elective II
  Total Credit Hours of Semester 1                


Semester 2

Sr # Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Core III
2 Core IV
3 Elective III
4 Elective IV 3
   Total Credit Hours of Semester 2     12


Semester 3

Sr# Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Specialization - I


Specialization - II



OR Business Project/Dissertation* 


Total Credit Hours of Semester 3


Total Credit Hours 30



 1 :   Seminars in Management 

 2 :   Seminars in Marketing

 3 :   Strategic Finance 

 4 :   Advanced Research Method



Fact File

Full Time, 1.5 Years

Program Recognition