University of Lahore



Dr. Rabeeya Raoof

Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences

Welcome to Lahore Business School (LBS) and University of Lahore. Established in 1999, the University of Lahore, Faculty of Management Sciences has been offering business education for ten years now. The development of LBS, under the faculty of Management Sciences is the result of good business education, research by LBS faculty members, growing interest and confidence of students in our university. The business school offers undergraduate, and graduate, research degrees as well as training and consulting services to its customers.

We are witnessing a shift in world economic order and the future of our country is linked with this shift. I believe that wise decisions and essential economic policies will determine the future of our country as well as progress and development. This of course is related to our ability to impart quality education and produce business graduates who are aware about and understand economic issues. The new economic order will also see international employment opportunity for professionals, as well as shift in consumer markets. The preparation and reorganization ability of the industry and economic development policy of the government will determine our survival in the new economic environment.

We are aware of these developments and are determined to provide relevant business education to our students so that they can meet the challenges and avail the opportunities offered by the industry. We have translated this determination by establishing Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Research Centre (EIRC) at LBS. The EIRC provides solutions and advice to the corporate sector and develops skills to understand and manage changes in the economic and business environment. To facilitate and develop our students and industry, EIRC provides a supporting environment for new entrepreneurs in order for them to promote, develop and grow their businesses. EIRC also recognizes the needs of new learning techniques and places emphasis on promoting experiential learning of entrepreneurship within the Pakistani community.

At LBS we believe that the most important aspect of a business is the idea that makes it successful. The rest as they say ‘is management’. It sounds simple, but it’s not. At LBS, we make it simple and ensure that it can be done. With this spirit and confidence, we have developed a learning environment which benefits our future managers and entrepreneurs. Our instructors come with corporate experience and have consulting and training experience that has benefited many organizations. We have expertise in marketing, brand development, HR system development, small business ventures, quality management system, social accountability system and CE marking. LBS has an impressive purpose built campus on Defence road that provides all facilities aimed at making the students more proficient, competent and competitive in the current market scenario.

It offers all the facilities of education for students so that they can get real value for their investment in terms of developing the required skills, attitude and work aptitude needed by today’s business environment, through provision of better environment, space, classrooms, socialization opportunities, co-curricular activities and educational excellence. With ten years of business education and consulting experience, and an impressive graduate profile working in national and multinational organizations all over Pakistan, we are now providing our services to even greater audience with Lahore Business School. Our curriculum is practical and puts a lot of responsibility on the students, yet this burden is shared and facilitated by our faculty. It’s an idea, shared and believed by robust and motivated people. We would like you to be part of this idea. It will benefit you. Join us on this journey of professional business education and personal development.