University of Lahore

The Faculty of Management Sciences, Lahore Business School is serving the students of business administration for the last 16 years. Our undergraduate, graduate and research degrees are very popular among students who wish to develop a professional career. Our aim is to develop competent managers and business leaders through our programs and, with creative direction. LBS is a creative hub of management thinking and an inspirational place to study where students are encouraged and motivated to achieve their actual potential.

Teaching and learning employs the most modern and highly creative curriculum to suite the aspirations and strengths of the human resource requirement. Our graduate professionals are able to make a direct impact not just to businesses or consumers they serve, but also to the society in general. Students are able to develop a creative yet critical thinking approach, inspire people, be decision savvy, and respond to change. Professors at LBS engage the students with their unique skills and abilities, polishing them to maximize their potential, and make you employable or motivate you to setup your own business.

We equip the students with all the right soft skills to enable them to perform better at a personal level. It is this approach that has allowed us to develop our own unique style of teaching, which inspires our students to make the dreams become reality. Learning happens best in a supportive environment, and at LBS, we aim to provide students with a friendly and supportive environment. That is why our staff is classified as friendly, accessible and supportive in our recent student survey. The LBS campus has purpose built air conditioned class rooms LBS library has over 16000 titles, 20 international journals and magazines, and comfortable environment for learning and research. The state of the art student cafe building and facilities offers impressive range of food, beverages and seating facilities.

Our degree programs are not generic; they have been designed to prepare students for a career in today’s fast paced world of management, research and business. Lahore Business School degrees offer our students the skills and confidence to develop a business, be creative, innovate, manage people and resources, and write and implement business plan. Students can also take part in the events of our state-of-the- art Business Incubation Center, to develop key skills for business management. Also students can get all the help they need from the faculty at LBS for making their idea a reality.

Alternatively, students may opt for further studies. LBS has number of programs from Bachelors to Research Degrees. Our specialization portfolio includes a wide range of courses that builds specialized skills for industry and, our research degrees are designed to develop inquiry and research skills, before students embark upon research in the chosen subject area.

Dean Message

Welcome to Lahore Business School (LBS) and University of Lahore. Established in 1999, the University of Lahore, Faculty of Management Sciences has been offering business education for ten years now. The development of LBS under the Faculty of Management Sciences is the result of good business education, research by LBS faculty members, growing interest and confidence of students in our university. 

HOD Message

I am happy to welcome you to Lahore Business School at the University of Lahore. Since its establishment in 1999, our business school has achieved impressive milestones and produced graduates who are serving the corporate sector professionally.