University of Lahore


We are aspiring to develop leaders who can handle complex business environment in an ever-changing world.


“The School’s approach holds a sharp focus on coaching our business graduates to innovate and handle complexity in a changing business landscape. We build capacities of future leaders in character and values by inculcating personal and shared ethics. Our prime and distinct endeavor is to foster students with a holistic pursuit of excellence by leveraging teaching, research and entrepreneurial orientation for innovative productivity gains in all areas of education, social and economic domains.”


Core values are the inviolable commitments that express “who we are as an institution”. They establish principles that infuse all behaviors, practices and activities in the Business School. We believe that, when inspired by the common values, people work most effectively. We consider following core values fundamental to our success:

01. Excellence

We take personal responsibility for our role as leaders in the pursuit of excellence.

02. Merit

We are a performance driven, result oriented team where merit is the only criterion for reward.

03. Innovation

We embolden and reward individual(s) who challenge the status quo and think beyond the conventional boundaries.

04. Appreciation

We acknowledge the skills, expertise, and professional accomplishments of each other expressing gratitude for contributions.

05. Unity

We encourage collaboration capitalizing on our resources and talents.

06. Equity

We believe in justness irrespective of race, color, ethnicity, rank or status ensuring that equal consideration is given to the voice of each and every member of LBS community.

07. Respect

We treat each other with civility & dignity, and respect values, beliefs, culture and history that our students and employees bring with them.

08. Trustworthiness

We uphold our dependable reputation by fulfilling our commitments with honesty, integrity, and competence.

09. Student Centricity

Our students are at the heart of everything and we believe in making all possible efforts to meet their expectations.

10. Social Responsibility

We are a team of committed professionals contributing to society’s intellectual, cultural, spiritual and economic progress and over-all well-being.