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Statistics Poster Competition

The purpose of this project was to utilize basic statistical concepts in data collection regarding real life problems along with analysis and presentation of the collected data in an interesting way by using suitable software and data presentation techniques such as Infographics. The competition was multi thematic, since the topics ranged from social issues to academic issues related to university life such as, ragging, study pressure, smoking etc.

Students of Statistics gathered different point of views across the campus by using survey method for their assigned topics. They analyzed their data by using SPSS (statistical software for Social Sciences) and found descriptive statistics. They also obtained graphical results. Finally, they presented their findings in the form of Infographics, i.e.; a modern way to present information.

There were 6 groups of 5 students each of two sections D & F. Fatima Ghulam Nabi (section F) won the competition. Jaffer Raza and Hassan Irtaza Khan (Section F) got second Position and Muhammad Dawood, Syed Ali Zohair and Asad Zaheer from Section D took third position. Students were marked for their knowledge, creativity and understanding of the topic.

At the end of the competition judges Zaigham Abbas, (Cluster Head: Statistics & Maths), Dr. Soniya Munir and Madeha Ehsan (Sociologist), shared their views about all the posters presented in the class. They appreciated the efforts of students and gave suggestions to improve their research in future.

  • Statistics Poster Competition
  • Statistics Poster Competition
  • Statistics Poster Competition
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