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Zero Semester 2020

Chairman, Mr. Awais Raoof has taken an excellent initiative of having a Zero Semester for the new undergraduate students. This initiative is aimed to train and dust the students in their very first week, so that they can climb the ladder of success rapidly. Zero semester took place at Lahore Business School (LBS) from 3rd to 9th February, 2020 and comprised of activity-based informational and motivational sessions.  The orientation focused on welcome speeches by the Rector UOL, Mr. Mujahid Kamran, Pro-Rector Social Sciences, Rauf-I-Azam, Dean Social Sciences, Ms. Rabeeya Raoof, and the Head of the LBS, Dr. Farooq Anwar. It was followed by campus tour and lunch for the freshers. An English proficiency test was carried out to test the language skills. The rest of the week had various sessions that covered different topics:


1. What is Assignment/Quiz

Ms. Anum Riaz

2. Grooming

Ms. Sana Shahid

3. Public Speaking

Ms. Ayesha Kashif

4. Obstacles to Learning

Dr. Soniya Munir

5. Innovative Thinking

Mr. Ahmad Ammar

6. Entrepreneurship

Mr. Shamoon Ahmed

7. Basic Research

Ms. Asma Rafique

8. Basic Etiquettes & Manners

Mrs. Fauzia Ahsan Rao

9. Stress Management

Ms. Hina Jaffery

10. Skimming & Scamming

Mr. Shagil Baqa


The last day of the week was dealt by Ms. Anum Awan and Mr. Sheikh Ahmad from Career Services and Corporate Linkages (CSCL). It was a complete fun-filled day with physical activities done in groups. On the whole, this initiative resulted in a positive interaction between the faculty and the students and led to their training of soft skills which would help them throughout their degree program.


  • Zero Semester 2020
  • Zero Semester 2020
  • Zero Semester 2020
  • Zero Semester 2020
  • Zero Semester 2020
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